ScanPro 3000 Microfilm Scanner

AMI Systems is an authorized dealer for the ScanPro 3000:  An ultra high-definition microfilm scanner featuring a 26 megapixel camera (6.6 MP image sensor x 4) with integrated pixel-shifting technology.

ScanPro 3000

ScanPro microfilm scanners are in use worldwide by universities, libraries, and corporations.  The latest ScanPro model, the ScanPro 3000, features the following:

  • Ultra high-definition:  The 26 megapixel camera (6.6 MP image sensor x 4) with integrated pixel-shifting technology uses proprietary technology to capture 26 megapixels of optical image information.  The archival-quality files have an optical resolution of over 500 dpi on a letter page, and retain both small text and image details.
  • Small file sizes:  A layered PDF/L file format saves text as high resolution BiTone, and images as high resolution grayscale.  This maintains high-definition text and image details while keeping your file size small.
  • Easy to set-up and use:  The ScanPro 3000 software is an intuitive Windows computer application with a customizable interface for your most common scanning operations.  An interactive on-screen help menu is always always available with detailed directions on how to use each button control.
  • Quiet operation:  ScanPro scanners are designed for quiet, non-intrusive operation in library and office settings.
  • Full-time image focus technology:  Full-time image focus of your microfilm speeds up microfilm viewing by eliminating the need to manually focus or to wait for autofocus.  ScanPro scanners are the only microfilm scanners on the market to come with this proprietary FOCUS-Lock technology.
  • Long-term performance and reliability:  The ScanPro 3000 is designed for long-term use, and incorporates heavy-gauge steel throughout its sturdy construction.  Many currently deployed ScanPro scanners have completed over 1 million scans and are still working like new.

ScanPro 3000 example

The following video demonstration shows the ScanPro 3000 in action:

View the full ScanPro 3000 brochure.

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